Marathon Harpster to Lima PL Completion

QPSE is proud of the contributions our team made to the recent completion of Marathon's Harpster to Lima Pipeline.  The 50 mile, 12-inch diameter pipeline completes the last step to connect the current portion of MPL's Ohio Valley system to multiple delivery points in the Lima, OH area.  In addition to the 50 mile pipeline, there were 3 laydown yards, 17 horizontal directional drills covering nearly 10% of the alignment, 62 MPL and 3rd party pipeline crossings, and associated mainline valve sites.  The mainline contractor, Energy Services South, was supported by South East Directional Drilling along with several other support contractors.   Quality goals were exceeded for the project including a weld repair rate of less than 0.75%.  After a high resolution caliper tool run, zero anomalies were reported along the new constructed pipeline.  

The project team initially kicked off with a reconnaissance of the intended pipeline route.  After a helicopter flight of the route, it was obvious that several environmental features would need to be addressed. One of these was a section of collocated pipeline that passed through a wildlife reserve.  The team spent much of the early routing sessions reviewing environmental areas that required no permanent impact by the pipeline, and other areas where minimizing impact was sufficient for lower category wetlands that were not deemed as sensitive according to agency permitting standards.  The project team made design adjustments by adding route tweaks, horizontal directional drills (HDDs), workspace reductions, and a reroute of 10 miles to avoid a wildlife management area.  Three HDDs were designed to minimize inconvenience to three communities along the pipeline route during construction.  

After the project was successfully permitted, the QPSE team was expanded to include a construction management team including Construction Manager, Materials Manager, Field Engineer, and three HDD Monitors.  In addition to this field support, the project management team provided daily monitoring of construction spend and forecast including a construction progress dashboard and georeferenced construction progress maps and march charts.

The collaboration with Marathon along with the experience and skill set brought to the project by QPSE made for a strong partnership and a successful project.  This combination of companies and capabilities led to a successful project execution, met an expedited project schedule, and performed to budget expectations while exceeding quality goals.