Fundraising for Tulsa's Iron Gate

In 1978, members of the Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, decided to make a sandwich for a homeless man they noticed lingering outside of their Sunday Bible Class. From then, Iron Gate was born. Making a sandwich for a single homeless person turned into an entire 501(c) organization whose sole purpose now is to feed the hungry, tired, and underprivileged patrons of Tulsa seven days a week, 365 days a year, no questions asked.

Iron Gate volunteers feed people in three ways: Soup Kitchen, Grocery Pantry, and Kids Pantry.

Throughout the months of May and June, QPSE gathered non-perishable items for the Iron Gate Kids Pantry, creating Kid’s Packs with healthy snacks for children who do not have the means to have a healthy meal of their own. Spearheaded by Laura Wimer, QPSE was able to gather over 300 Kid’s Packs (over 200 more than our original goal), along with a $195 cash donation, which we then donated to the Iron Gate Cause.

Lauren Linscomb